Life Insurance
  • When can a nomination be done?
  • How do I surrender my policy?
  • How do I revive my policy that has lapsed?
  • What is nomination of the policy?
  • Can I change my nomination?
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Non Life Insurance
  • Can motor policies be issued for a longer term than a year?
  • Can motor vehicles be insured against fire and theft risks only?
  • Does a third party claim affect the bonus/ malus rate under the comprehensive motor insurance policy?
  • Are accessories and extra fittings of the vehicle covered under the comprehensive motor insurance policy?
  • What happens if at any point of time there are in existence two policies for insurance of a vehicle?
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Mutual Funds
  • What if a fund sells a scheme to another fund?
  • What if a fund decides to end its operations?
  • What is a growth stock?
  • What is passive investing?
  • What are Gilt schemes?
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  • Who can invest in the RBI Relief Bonds?
  • What is the minimum and maximum investment limit for RBI Bonds?
  • What will be the date of issue of RBI Bonds?
  • What will be the period of holding for RBI Bonds?
  • Is the premature encashment of RBI Bonds allowed?
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Small Saving Schemes
  • Can the income tax exemption under Section 88 be claimed by second named person in case of joint holding of National Saving Certificates?
  • Can one claim the section 88 benefit on interest on the NSC VIII scheme which is deemed to have been reinvested?
  • Will the rebate in income tax under Section 88 be available to husband/father where the NSCs (VIII-Issue) are purchased by him out of his income in the name of his wife/minor children?
  • If the holder of a Savings Certificate dies, who gets the amount due to be paid to the deceased?
  • If a girl makes a deposit and gets married by the time the deposit matures, would there be any problems?
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